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Crows by Katie Finch

In an effort to counteract the effects of holiday treats, after-work walks in my neighborhood have been more frequent this fall. Living in town, these evening walks are usually accompanied by the “caw, caw, caw” of crows. I easily recognize their large silhouettes and...

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Be Safe Out There by Jennifer Schlick

I like to hike on Sundays, but on this first Sunday of December, I will not hike. I stare out the kitchen window while my second cup of coffee drips through. It is a cloudless day with the subtle brightness of late fall. Lanky shadows, disproportionately long,...

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Below the Snow Blanket by Sarah Hatfield

I scowled as I watched the snowflakes fall outside the window. Yet fifteen minutes later, driving through the fat puffs of white, like Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive, I comment on the beauty of the snow coated branches. Finally, I worry about the...

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Fall Hope by Katie Finch

November comes around each year with its early nights, brown landscape, and cloudy skies. Bleak is the word that comes to mind as I write this on day where there is a skim of ice on the pond, fog obscuring the distant tree line and pockets of leftover snow among the...

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The Big Picture by Jeff Tome

There was a flock of birds at Audubon last week whose population has dropped by 85% to 99% in the last 40 years. That’s a huge number. For every 100 birds around when I was born, only one exists today. No one even knows what has caused the decline and, truthfully, no...

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