Jamestown, NY – It’s that time of year again!  Fill your bird feeders.  See who shows up.  Some will be feathered friends — some may be bird watchers with binoculars.

This year marks the 117th Annual Christmas Bird Count held by National Audubon Society.

Saturday, December 17, in Warren and Sunday, December 18, in Jamestown are the days when bird watchers will take to the roadways and the woods to see how many birds and how many species they can observe in the defined birding Circle. Others will watch their bird feeders.

 “We really appreciate it when people who feed the birds make the extra effort to fill their feeders before the Count Weekend. That way we are more likely to see more birds,” Ruth Lundin, from the Audubon Community Nature Center, reported.  “It’s also important for people to know that we will be out in our cars and on foot that weekend, so that residents will not be worried if they see a slow-moving carload of folks staring at their feeders.”

People who enjoy watching birds or who would like to learn more about bird watching are encouraged to call the Nature Center at (716) 569-2345 and leave a message for Lundin.

“We are always looking for new birders to help us,” reports Don Watts, who organizes volunteers for the Warren Count.  People in the Warren area interested in Saturday’s count can reach him at (814) 723-9125.

People can also help by filling their feeders and then keeping a list of the birds that they observe on the counting day if they live in the Christmas Bird Count circle.

Each day, in the evening, the bird watchers get together for a pot luck and to report their sightings. It’s a great time to tell the day’s stories, note the trends and celebrate any unusual species seen.

To see how you can participate, to learn if your home is in a count area, or to make reservations to be assigned to a count area, call the Audubon Community Nature Center at (716) 569-2345.

Audubon Community Nature Center builds and nurtures connections between people and nature by providing positive outdoor experiences, opportunities to learn about and understand the natural world, and knowledge to act in environmentally responsible ways. Visit at 1600 Riverside Road, one-quarter mile east of Route 62 between Jamestown, New York, and Warren, Pennsylvania, oronline at auduboncnc.org.