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Bizarre Trees by Katie Finch

Trees can be the backdrop to our outdoor adventures. They are key in defining the forest. But how often do we take in the bigger picture and not focus on the individual. Earlier in the year trees get plenty of attention for showy flowers, interfering pollen or...

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A Christmas Myth by Margaret Foley

According to multiple sources the little black insects that a lot people are finding falling out of their trees are actually Conifer aphids, not ticks, little insects that live and feed on conifer trees like pines, firs, and other conifers.

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The Long Nights Will Continue To Creep by Sarah Hatfield

This is real. This is winter. This is the time when the darkness and daylight acknowledge each other and pass the reigns. This is when we are meant to be our deepest selves, to discover our essence, and begin to pull the best of that to the surface. Without the deep winter, we can’t reach our potential. Without winter, the world would spend too much energy. Rest is essential, reflection vital.

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Love/Hate Relationship with Wildlife by Jeff Tome

Wild animals are amazing to watch as they go about their lives. Like some people, I could spend hours watching an animal build, hunt, eat, and go about its life. Also, like most people, I find it incredibly annoying, frustrating, and exhausting to fight the same battles with wildlife over, and over, and over.

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