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Planting Trees by Katie Finch

It is no exaggeration to say that trees are life. Plants are the only thing that can harness the energy from the sun to turn nonliving ingredients into life. With trees, this life made of root, wood, leaf, sugar, flower, and fruit is a food source for hundreds of animals.

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Beavers and Beaver Deceivers by Jeff Tome

Close encounters with wildlife seem to go one of two ways: amazement or annoyance. A beaver that is awesome in a close-up encounter in the wilderness might be annoying in a close-up encounter while cleaning out a drain plugged with beaver debris.

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A Silent Spring by Margaret Foley

While many people choose to focus on the negative things that humans can do to nature, we often forget to think about the actions we can take to help nature.

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Backpacking by Katie Finch

One way I have been challenged by the natural world is through backpacking. Backpacking is essentially hiking. But it is hiking while carrying everything you need in a pack on your back. It is living outside. You cook, eat, bathe (or not), read, rest, walk, sleep, and more outside. It has been my challenge, risk, and joy for a number of years. And I’ve had the opportunity to share it with others.

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