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Ash by Katie Finch

Small things can have big impacts. Last weekend my extended family gathered on my parent’s eastern Pennsylvania property because of a beetle. They recently cut down over 30 trees in their yard. It seems like a radical and destructive move. As we spent the weekend...

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How do we know what we know about Nature?

Teaching in a school yard the other day, a third grade boy pointed at the ground and shouted “There’s a deer track!” Another girl thought it was a rabbit track. To prove their points, they simply talked louder. Obviously, if you can talk louder than the other person,...

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There is both skill and art involved in taking natural materials and fashioning them into a useful object. Humans have done this in the past, harvesting plants and turning them in shelters, clothes, furniture and tools. I can’t help but wonder how they figured it out,...

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Apples by Katie Finch

The pictures of spring flowers in children’s books are bright pinks, purples and yellows. But look around at all the white flowers - in the fields, on the shrubs and in the trees. And as your eyes scan the landscape and are drawn to the tree in a coat of white, there...

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Mumbo Jumbo Bird Songs by Jeff Tome

People who identify birds by song always seemed to inhabit a different world from me. While I tried to see field marks, watching for a white ring around the eye or a yellow patch on the butt of a bird, these people would be shouting out things like “Chestnut-sided...

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Remedy by Sarah Hatfield

Glancing around to ensure that am alone, I back to an invasive honeysuckle bush, drop my pants and crouch to pee. Before I can, a turkey explodes from the brush behind me, startling me to standing, no doubt my white rump as shocking to her as she to me. I laugh and...

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