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Duck, Duck, Cackling Goose by Jeff Tome

Ducks, in the right circumstances, can roar. They do not roar alone, but only in company. One duck by itself flies with a special kind of wingbeat, fast and furious, like a racing heartbeat after some great scare. Five ducks whir along with flair. Five thousand...

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What’s in a Name? By Sarah Hatfield

Ptyxis is a strange word, one that looks foreign and hard to pronounce yet once learned, rolls off the tongue as if you’ve always known it. Pronounced “tik-sis” it refers to the pattern of a folded leaf within a bud of a tree. Tree species have specific ptyxis and can...

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Unusual Things by Jeff Tome

How do you know what you saw is what you saw? There are some animals that everyone just seems to know, such as robins, Blue Jays and Raccoons. But what defines the essential “raccoon-ness” of a raccoon? Would you recognize one if it was completely or partially white?...

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Goldfinches by Katie Finch

Have you ever noticed the male goldfinch getting to that brilliant outfit? He does not suddenly appear dressed in black cape and cap. It is a process. A transition. Like many transitions in life, it can appear slightly awkward.

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