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The Smell of Green

The Smell of Green By Sarah Hatfield I always wanted to make a nature crayon series. The array of hues that color our world is inspiring and perhaps infinite. Often we don’t realize that, or even teach it. I hear myself saying as I teach kids “What colors can you see...

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Dusk to Dark by Jeff Tome

Nightfall turns everything new. When the dark slowly takes away vision, every sound is magnified. A small animal scurrying through leaves sounds like a bear crashing through the brush. Familiar places turn unfamiliar when they disappear from view. There are many terms...

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On Weather by Jennifer Schlick

As I type, the wind is chasing clouds across a pale blue sky and making the boughs of the Scotch Pine and serviceberry trees outside my window bounce and sway. Now, here’s something a bit weird: Until recently, I don’t know why, I didn’t think of weather when I...

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Ash by Katie Finch

Small things can have big impacts. Last weekend my extended family gathered on my parent’s eastern Pennsylvania property because of a beetle. They recently cut down over 30 trees in their yard. It seems like a radical and destructive move. As we spent the weekend...

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How do we know what we know about Nature?

Teaching in a school yard the other day, a third grade boy pointed at the ground and shouted “There’s a deer track!” Another girl thought it was a rabbit track. To prove their points, they simply talked louder. Obviously, if you can talk louder than the other person,...

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