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A Late Fall Hike by Katie Finch

I’ve been in the office quite a bit lately so when I had a long break on one of the recent mild fall days I took the opportunity to take a hike. Since I was close to it, I headed to the Westside Overland Trail that runs 24 miles from the town of Harmony to Mayville in...

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Chipmunks by Katie Finch

These unusually warm fall days are wonderful for outdoor rambles. Nothing seems to be in a hurry, not even summer. It still seems to have a hold on October. These beautiful days can almost convince us that winter’s white cold is ages away and we have all the time in...

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Autumnal Recrudescence by Sarah Hatfield

Bluebirds murmur as they investigate the nest box, their solemn songs melodic in the morning fog. A White-throated Sparrow joins in from the edge of the pasture, clear and crystal. Faintly a Ruffed Grouse drums, and the peepers call with gusto from the pond....

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Seeking New Experiences by Jeff Tome

Rarely does a photo on Facebook make me jealous, but one of my friends put one up last summer that made me drool with envy. She was in a creek with a bunch of other people lifting a giant rock to find one of the most elusive salamanders in the area, the Hellbender....

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Audubon’s Witness Tree by Jeff Tome

The old Sugar Maple on the rise has seen a lot in the last 100 years. From its perch on this low hill, the seasons, the years, the birds and even the people have come and gone. The hill used to have a view all the way to Route 62 without a tree to block the way. The...

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