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Hepatica by Jennifer Schlick

More than one person has asked about the picture on the front of Audubon’s March-April newsletter. “It’s not a crocus,” they say. Correct. It’s not a crocus, but it blooms equally early in spring. One of the questioners remarked that he had never seen this flower...

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Winter Lakes by Jeff Tome

The wind off of the lake carries a special kind of cold with it. This cold pushes through every crack in your clothing, freezes nostrils shut and burns the lungs in a way that only a lake wind can. Hands freeze into claws while awareness of toes fades and is replaced...

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Some Audubon Summer Day Camps Already Full

Jamestown, NY – Maybe it’s because registration is simpler. Maybe it’s because you have to register early to be able to buy a t-shirt. Or maybe it’s because they’re just so much fun that some Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC) Day Camps for next summer are already...

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Small Mammals by Katie Finch

On a recent exploration of the snowy landscape with day campers, animal sightings were few but evidence that animals were there was abundant. We followed deer tracks, poked at holes and investigated scratches. Almost overlooked were very tiny tracks. Just a light...

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On Skiing and Snow by Katie Finch

To say our society is polarized right now on many issues may be an understatement. Some are more important than others- Democrat or Republican, Microsoft or Apple and this weekend Falcons or Patriots. I am a firm believer in the “gray”. There is often value in both...

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