Christmas with the Critters

December 27, 10:00 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.
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The connection begins with you.

Audubon Community Nature Center builds and nurtures connections between people and nature by providing positive outdoor experiences, opportunities to learn about and understand the natural world, and knowledge to act in environmentally responsible ways.

Many of the events, programs and workshops at ACNC contain an outdoor component. Audubon believes that experiencing the natural world first hand is key in developing a connection to the planet. Check out what is happening at Audubon.

Nature affects us. We affect nature. Many of ACNC’s programs help to understand the components of natural ecosystems and how people fit into and impact the systems. Learn more about scheduling educational programs through Audubon.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Learn how your actions impact the planet and find simple ways to increase your positive impacts through volunteering. Find your place at Audubon Community Nature Center.

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Is there bad weather?

Is there bad weather?

The truth is that the weather is ever changing and we have to adjust our clothes and our moods to change with it. Getting frustrated and mad at the cold is an exercise in frustration when you live in the lake effect zone. My puppy is reminding me to greet every day with joy and curiosity as we explore the cold, wet, snowy and gray weather of winter.

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Life Lessons from a Cockroach

Life Lessons from a Cockroach

In the case of the cockroaches, we are taught that they are pests our whole life. We don’t want them near us and certainly don’t want to find them in our homes. Holding them is utterly out of the question. Suddenly seeing one that is kept intentionally and cared for can be a jarring experience.

There are many things that we have this sort of predetermined aversion to; animals, weather, chores, foods, hobbies. Once we make up our mind on something, it is hard to change it. But seeing how children interact with the cockroaches and watching them transition from fear, to curiosity, to joy in the span of only a few minutes, is a remarkable thing. It’s something we are all capable of, if we just put aside those assumptions and try something new.

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Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

If you think back to your grade school days, you may remember the water cycle. It is not always quite so neat and predictable, but as a general rule water falls from the sky as precipitation, collects on the ground in a number of ways, eventually evaporates back into the atmosphere and condenses into rain or snow once again. This means that whether water evaporates into the atmosphere or travels with gravity through a watershed on the ground, it is traveling from state to state and between wild areas across the country and the world. I wonder where the water from that rainstorm was before it fell and accumulated in the wetlands near me?

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Thank you, Community Partners

Audubon Community Partners make a significant financial contribution each year because they believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have a real and healthy connection to nature.

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Holmberg Foundation
Hultquist Foundation
Jessie Smith Darrah Fund

Lenna Foundation
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