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Goldenrod Yellow by Jeff Tome

Goldenrod Yellow by Jeff Tome

There are many fall flowers blooming now, but let’s look at goldenrod first. It’s one of those irritating plants that is easy to recognize and hard to identify. The flowers are usually a bright yellow, so easily recognized that you can find crayons and paper labeled as goldenrod in color. The leaves have a distinct smell when you rub them that I can only describe as “goldenrod”. It is sweet and musty and sour.

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Weekly All-Day Outdoor Classroom at Audubon for Ages 7-10

Weekly All-Day Outdoor Classroom at Audubon for Ages 7-10

From September 17 through December 18, your 7- to 10-year-old can spend 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a Thursday or Friday at The Outdoor Classroom at Audubon Community Nature Center. Children will have a combination of formal learning and free-choice activities.

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Losing the Trail by Chelsea Jandreau

Losing the Trail by Chelsea Jandreau

As much as you want to prevent yourself from getting seriously lost, moments of uncertainty can happen even in familiar places. That feeling of being lost can be overwhelming. Whether you are new to hiking or the outdoors feels as comfortable as your own living room, you can still find yourself uncertain of the right direction leading you back onto the path.

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Apples by Sarah Hatfield

Apples by Sarah Hatfield

Any apple seed will grow into a tree that produces different fruit than its parents. With the birds, bears, raccoons, turkeys, foxes, squirrels, and deer all sampling apples and moving the seeds about, I have no idea the parents of the tree we named “Perfection”.

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