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Oaks and Jays

Oaks and Jays

Blue Jays also eat and store acorns for the winter, but in a way that benefits the potential future tree sprouts too. While a squirrel may bury acorns up to 200 feet away from the tree, a Blue Jay can move the acorn up to a mile away. Blue Jays can also carry up to five acorns at time. They carry one in their mouth, one in the tip of their bill and two or three is a specialized pouch in their throat called a gular pouch. They also store one acorn at a time, often in the ground. Is there any better way to plant a tree?

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The Flavor of Nature

The Flavor of Nature

The planet provides the raw materials for everything we use in day to day life. That is easy to see with a carrot that you can grow in the backyard or firewood from the neighbor’s yard, but it is harder to see when looking at a cell phone or carpet made of plastic or rare earth elements that have traveled halfway around the world for you to poke at. It is so much easier to divide things into natural or unnatural, homemade or factory-made, manmade or from the earth. Sometimes the divisions we make about things makes us forget that the earth provides everything we use, regardless of where humans intervene in the process.

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Baffled by Birds

Baffled by Birds

There are almost 500 different birds that can be found in New York State alone. That is a huge number, and it seems like such a large undertaking to try to learn to identify them all. That’s not even considering that males, females, and juveniles of the same species can often look entirely different, or that some look different in spring and fall. Some species even look so similar they can only be identified by sound. Gaah!

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Firewood Friendships

Firewood Friendships

I now better understand what using firewood truly is. It isn’t work or a chore. It is spending time with neighbors and friends. It is a workout. It is an escape. It is a window into the lives of wildlife. It is harvesting a renewable resource. It is sheltering wildlife. It is a sustainable transfer of energy from the yard to the wood stove, from the garden to my muscles.

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Seasonal Decorating

Seasonal Decorating

Chelsea Jandreau If you have stepped into a store lately, you have probably noticed the encroaching fall-themed decorations. The appearance of reds and oranges, pumpkins and apples, and an assortment of ghosts and other spooky-themed decor brings with it a set of...

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Harvestmen or Daddy Longlegs? Truth or Myth?

Harvestmen or Daddy Longlegs? Truth or Myth?

They have eight long, skinny legs and rounded bodies. They crawl all over trees and logs, finding small insects, plants, and fungi to eat. They go by different names, but the most common one I hear is Daddy-longlegs. They are misunderstood creatures, surrounded by myths and often looked down upon. This is a reputation they do not deserve.

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