See what's happening around Audubon Community Nature Center.

Fishers by Katie Finch

The recovery of the Fisher population is really a conservation success story. And perhaps even an example of nature’s ability to adapt to our continually growing human population.

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The Unexpected Visitor by Margaret Foley

When I think about animals that I see during the winter, there are a lot of animals I think of — deer, chickadees, Red Foxes, even squirrels. The one animal I never think of? Opossums. For some reason the thought of seeing a little opossum waddling through the snow...

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Learn About Volunteering at Audubon, Saturday, March 16

Jamestown, N.Y. – The workings of Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC) depend on the dedication and commitment of a strong volunteer crew. In the past year, ACNC had over 300 active volunteers who worked more than 12,000 hours to support Audubon’s mission of...

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Tracks and Howls by Sarah Hatfield

For a few nights, the coyotes had been howling and yipping close to the house. We’d even heard foxes barking much closer than usual. One morning, after the evening snow had created perfect tracking conditions, we wandered down to see what we could find. First, a lone...

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Thank you, Community Partners

Audubon Community Partners make a significant financial contribution each year because they believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have a real and healthy connection to nature.

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