See what's happening around Audubon Community Nature Center.

In Awe by Katie Finch

It was pointed out to me that I use the word “awesome” quite a bit. At first I was kind of put off, being called out on my lack of mature, diverse vocabulary. I started to think about what the word meant. What is awe?

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The Deer Woods by Jeff Tome

Around ten years ago, Audubon volunteers installed an eight-foot high fence around a small section of forest. It is called a deer exclosure, since it is meant to keep the deer out.

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Raptors by Sarah Hatfield

The mama hen with her seven peeps let’s out a low growl and they all freeze, some of them mid-step. Mom continues to growl as I look around thinking cat, dog, or hawk, but see nothing. Three minutes pass, no motion. Finally, I continue with my task of filling...

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