Virtual Classroom Programs

In response to Covid-19, Audubon has started offering virtual classroom lessons. If you are interested in access to ACNC’s online school programs, please call Sarah Hatfield for more information at (716) 569-2345 or email

 All lessons are designed for online learning with videos and printable content to extend the learning. 

Please check back as programs continue to be added.


  • A Walk in the Woods – Students will learn that the forest changes as you move through it. Different animals live in different places and come out at different times.
  • Eat it! Wear it! Use it! – Students will discover how humans use plants as a raw material in things we eat, wear, and use in our daily lives.

First/Second Grade

  • Birdie Cradles – The objective of this program is to help students understand that birds use nests to raise their young. They do not live in nests for their entire lives. Birds use a variety of nesting materials and a variety of nesting locations to help their young survive.
  • Seeds-n-Such – Students will grasp the basic concepts of a plant life cycle and photosynthesis. They will learn that seeds turn into plants. Students will learn that there are different ways that plants disperse seeds, and that animals play a large role in moving seeds.

Second/Third Grade

  • Wetland Life Cycles – Students will explore the life cycles of animals that live in local wetlands. Some animals go through metamorphosis and some do not.

Fourth – Eight Grade

  • I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me of – Using any natural object, learn this simple, but powerful, routine of making observations, asking questions and making connections. This activity can ignite a curiosity fever about the natural world.


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Thank you, Community Partners

Audubon Community Partners make a significant financial contribution each year because they believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have a real and healthy connection to nature.

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