Audubon in Search of New President

Resumes accepted through February 18.

Audubon in Search of New President

Resumes are being accepted through February 18.

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The connection begins with you.

Audubon Community Nature Center builds and nurtures connections between people and nature by providing positive outdoor experiences, opportunities to learn about and understand the natural world, and knowledge to act in environmentally responsible ways.

Many of the events, programs and workshops at ACNC contain an outdoor component. Audubon believes that experiencing the natural world first hand is key in developing a connection to the planet. Check out what is happening at Audubon.

Nature affects us. We affect nature. Many of ACNC’s programs help to understand the components of natural ecosystems and how people fit into and impact the systems. Learn more about scheduling educational programs through Audubon.


Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Learn how your actions impact the planet and find simple ways to increase your positive impacts through volunteering. Find your place at Audubon Community Nature Center.

Recent News


Under the Ice and Snow by Margaret Foley

Unlike many of the green plants that we have in our area, mosses can survive and photosynthesize even during the harshest winter months. While their success is largely due to their small size, mosses have many other traits that allow them to stay active through New York’s tough winter weather.

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Transitions by Jennifer Schlick

Change is inevitable. Night becomes day. Winter gives way to spring. Caterpillars turn into butterflies, eggs into baby birds, acorns into mighty oaks, seedpods into clouds of fluff. I close my eyes in the dark and wake up with the sun streaming in my window. The...

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